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Founder, CEO of Sterling Learning Seminars

Sales expert, speaker, author and entrepreneur, John A. Palumbo takes individuals and organizations to a new dimension in selling. Known for his sales success, as a preferred trainer for the National Association of Home Builders and for his dynamic and visionary seminars, John brings unforgettable humor and animation to the platform to wake up your sales force.

John speaks from a lifetime of experience in sales and marketing and helping others exceed their sales goals. He is a recipient of The National Association of Home Builder’s Sales Manager of The Year Award, The Million Dollar Circle Lifetime Award and is a prominent Member of and Instructor for the Institute of Residential Marketing.

As founding professor for Sterling Learning Seminars, an idea studio for sales and marketing management, he hosts “Selling on Stage”, an advanced sales training program. His latest book, "What's Your Sales DNA?" expounds upon topics covered in his seminars to increase conceptual comprehension.


Shakespeare, a master storyteller, once said, “All the world is a stage.” Likewise, the cornerstone of John’s ideology is that all sales professionals are theatrical actors. His valuable insights and secrets of success will blend entertainment with enlightenment and empower sales professionals to perform upon an innovative and unique stage, a stage within….

… The Theater of The Mind




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