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What’s Your Sales DNA?

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to make sales so easily while others seemed to be destined for a life of financial struggle?  Is the difference found in their education, timing, skills, intelligence or their choice of companies, what they say or how they say it?  

The shocking answer is:



In his groundbreaking keynote speech,

What’s Your Sales DNA?, Genetic Sales Research Scientist John A. Palumbo states, “With a three minute examination, I can diagnose your financial destiny for the rest of your sales career!”  Palumbo does this by identifying your personal Sales DNA, the “genetic blueprint necessary for success and money.”  


 Your Sales DNA is made up of the programming you received in the past, especially as a young child.  If your Sales DNA coding has set you in the wrong direction, Palumbo’s recently released book, What's Your Sales DNA?, will reveal how to change your path and reprogram your personal Sales DNA for success.

Book John NOW – learn to reprogram your Sales DNA to create the mindset of a Sales Master!

Visit www.MySalesDNA.com and order a copy of John’s book, What’s Your Sales DNA? to learn more about how your Sales DNA might be holding you back from huge sales.

The Winner's Edge

The enigma of what propels a winner across the finish line just mere seconds before the competition, the elusive edge that only 1% of all salespeople have, the distinctive dynamics of a winner, as agreed upon by nationwide industry experts, are all exposed in  "The Winner's Edge". This dramatic and thought-provoking keynote speech will unveil secrets that have been gleaned from years of interviewing and judging experience such as:

  • The Distinct Edge That Winners Have

  • The Difference of A Can - Do Attitude

  • What a Winner Says (and doesn't say)

  • How Complacency Breeds Contempt

and much more are revealed in this dynamic keynote that is guaranteed to transform and stretch your standards. "The Winner's Edge" is sure to summon self-examination and stimulate successful thought patterns from all audience members.






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