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Sales Master John A. Palumbo will take your sales team to the top of the world.


If your speakers are off, turn them on and watch the video below for a taste of John's sales training methods.   



When John Palumbo is brought in to train your sales team, it is guaranteed that they will be enlightened, educated and entertained all at the same time.  John will incorporate humor and real world situations to maximize the benefits from the methods that his twenty years of research reveal.


John Palumbo passes along his expertise to sales teams internationally.  Time and time again, sales teams embrace John's "Thinking Outside the Box" methods to benefit their sales careers. 

John brings humorous and unorthodox teaching methods to all of his sales training programs including

Shakespeare, a master storyteller, once said, "All the world is a stage." Likewise, the cornerstone of Johnís ideology is that all sales professionals are theatrical actors. His valuable insights and secrets of success blend entertainment with enlightenment and empower sales professionals to perform upon an innovative and unique stage, a stage within...

The Theater of The Mind

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