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Two Day Extravaganza

"To work magic is to weave the unseen forces into form; to soar beyond sight; to explore the uncharted dream realm of the hidden reality". -- Harry Houdini. (1874-1926)

Shakespeare, a master storyteller, once said, "All the world is a stage." Likewise, the cornerstone of John’s ideology is that all sales professionals are theatrical actors.

Most salespeople have one presentation and tend to sell best to people who resemble themselves. Take away the models and the expensive marketing and they may feel a little lost. The real key lies in being able to succeed in a barebones environment.

Salespeople understand their product, but they have to do more than answer questions. They must understand the value system of the buyer and carefully uncover their motivation, needs, and expectations. Take away the product and you have to sell value, appreciation, future potential, values for the money, a dream comes true. Selling the dream is what John calls selling in "The Theater of the Mind."

There are no real trade secrets and no magic bullets. It is time, however, to examine and challenge some of the traditional ideas about the role of product and salesperson in new home sales.

"Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? I've been attending educational seminars since I started in the real estate business 25 years ago, and far and away your seminar has given me more valuable tools than the rest of them combined."
~ Joe Wilmer, New Home Specialist - Woodland Homes
~ Huntsville, AL

Throughout the industry, it's expected that the product and the presentation should be the basis of a successful community. Throughout John's career, he has  worked with communities well in advance of models and trained the team to secure large deposits from buyers before the developments were ever started. If they didn’t sell it, it wouldn’t be built. For example, whether it's single-family residential or the affluent resort market, both offer a unique opportunity to garner pre-sales.  In the Selling on Stage program, John teaches his insider secrets.

Studies have shown that many affluent buyers see themselves as a breed apart. Not in a snooty sense, but they feel they are able to make decisions that the majority of people won’t. They understand the benefits of buying early (ground floor), and appreciate buying a benefit others won’t be able to see until later.  It's been said that money talks - and it's true - it does!  And  it speaks more than one language.  Learn how to be at the top of your game and become a master performer in the world of sales.

"Not only did the sales team love attending John's seminar, they have asked me to invite him to do an encore."
~ Gil Dezer, President, Trump Grande International
~ Miami Beach, Florida

Show Description:

Selling on Stage provides time-tested sales strategies along with John's unforgettable humor and animation.  This program is  guaranteed to stimulate the acceleration of home buyers' habits in your sales force!

During this intensive program you will learn:

  •    To achieve "Top of Mind Dominance" with your customers
  •    How to make the qualification process easy
  •    Why down selling can increase your income by 50%
  •    How to overcome and master objections
  •    Why to never say thank you again
  •    Why getting your customers to complain can mean money in the bank
  •    To NEVER ask for "the check" again
  •    How to Close more sales with confidence every time

About the Speaker:

John A. Palumbo, MIRM

John Palumbo is CEO of The Sales DNA Institute, an idea studio and research laboratory for sales and marketing management. Since 1985, he has presented hundreds of dynamic, visionary speeches and seminars internationally on the science of sales and influence. John is a member of the National Speakers Association and brings humor and animation to the platform to help others exceed their sales goals. 

John has been instrumental in restructuring the Sales DNA of thousands of individuals from small, family run companies to large scale developers such as Trump Grande International. He has the ability to take individuals and organizations to new dimensions of selling excellence. With more than three decades of selling experience, John has closed over one billion dollars in real estate sales.

John is recipient of The National Association of Home Builders’ Sales Manager of the Year Award and The Million Dollar Circle Lifetime Award. He is a prominent member of the Institute of Residential Marketing and has been an instructor for the institute for more than 15 years. John is invited repeatedly as a guest speaker at conferences and national conventions including IBS, Super Sales Rally, SEBC and the Midwest Builders’ Conference, just to name a few.

He is author of Close and Grow Rich and his bestseller,
What’s Your Sales DNA? Additionally, he appears regularly on the Channel 4/WJXT 'Morning Show' in Jacksonville as their financial guru – “The Investment Gambler.”

"Story telling is an art that John has clearly mastered. Each time I hire him to do a program, I know without a doubt, that he will bring fresh and innovative material to inspire my staff....not always an easy feat in this field! A true professional with incomparable knowledge and the ability to communicate the information in a thoroughly enjoyable manner!"
~ Jack Magura, Sales Manager, Courtland Homes
~ Phoenix, Arizona

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